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By Arron Michael Holman

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Eye 2 I is a weekly storytelling podcast where we get to know people from all walks of life. They discuss their passions, how they experience flow, and what creating feels like for them. Everyone has a story worth hearing, so join me on my journey to hear them all in a SAFE Place where we celebrate diversity. Rate & Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Eye2Ipodcast.com / For official merchandise, follow @eyelighthue on Instagram #passion #flow #creativity #art #interview #talkshow #eye2I #connection #human #asl


Ep. 38 - "A Bit of Comedy" w/Connie Whelan

On this week's episode, I welcome 19 year old Irish Internet Sensation, Connie Whelan. She discusses how Drag Race Lip-Syncs led to recognition for her and is now inspiring her to push it further. Connie dishes about the creation of her new YouTube cRead more


BONUS Ep. 7 - Meet "Zachary Flu"

On today's bonus episode, I am joined by self-taught makeup artist & actor Zachary Flu. Zach shares their story into the makeup world starting with the first time he put on lipstick with their father, to leading their first Masterclass for the next gRead more


Ep. 37 - "A Visual Thesis" w/Maddelyn Hatter

We are so excited to have as our guest for a special Halloqueen episode of Eye 2 I, The Maddelynn Hatter from Dragula Season 3. In this interview, you will hear all about Maddelynn's first passion for illustrating, why the move from Massachusetts to Read more


Ep. 36 - "A Professional Talker" w/Allysin Chaynes & Guest Host - Lizzie Renaud

This week, we are switching things up with a guest host! You heard me right, Arron has today off. You may remember her from episode 29 or you more likely you had her give you your latest tattoo. Toronto-based artist, Lizzie Renaud is back and steppinRead more


Ep. 35 - "Care Bare Stare" w/Mama Tits

This week, we are welcomed by a very special guest all the way in Puerto Vallarta, Brian Peters, more commonly known as The Mama Tits! We start by discussing their operatic vocal background, what took them from Idaho to Seattle, and Brian even recounRead more

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